Comment: I changed his station this morning after hearing that

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I changed his station this morning after hearing that

what a desperate hypocrite. To go on and on praising Libertarianism for 15 minutes(as if he knew what libertarianism was in the first place), then to immediately start praising war and blasting Ron Paul; I seriously just couldn't listen to such B.S. He's desperate for listeners that's why he's pandering to our audience, I hope people call him out on it, and I can't believe people actually buy into it. He want's to call himself a Libertarian now?, pretends he was with us in the past election?, what a loser.

Oh. and did anyone catch later in the day Hannity had Santorum on. Not sure why i turned that channel back on on my way home from work. Anyway, I just started laughing my ass off when old slick rick and Hannity are bashing the "left" for supporting the NDAA, and Assasination of U.S citizens. Ummmm....clearly they have incredibly bad memory, because it wasn't much more than a few months ago when both were in full support of both. Hypocricy at it's best, It sadens me when people buy into this B.S., love being the guy to drop little truth bombs too them though. What a weird day on radio, a very Orwellian day indeed.