Comment: I disagree.

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I disagree.

And I have a very differant take on it. Obama was not chosen to win the election. Romney was. You can tell because the big banks funded Romney at the end, Obama tried to throw his debaits and they had been playing Mormon commercials for nearly 3 years leading up to the election.

We know from the numbers that Ron Paul's people cost Romney the election. We know that "we" weren't hired to do this. The elites did a good job of making Obama as scary as possible in the hopes that the RP people would vote Romney in the end out of fear of Obama. This shows their weakness. They think of us as stupid animals, and perhaps thats why they they didn't realize we aren't falling for their bullshit left-right paradime anymore. It was a strategic blunder that has forced them to speed up their plans.

Had Romney won, the right would have went back to sleep and they could have passed many of the things which have ignited the public nearly to the breaking point without so much as a whimper. Michale Moore might have made a video about these drone murders, but the "R"s would have ignored them, and thrown us all out of the party knowing they didn't need us.

But Romney didn't win. This is huge. It means some significant things:

1) The rank and file Neocon now knows they MUST come our way to win elections. I know this for a fact because its what has allowed us to completely take over our GOP in my area.

2) We can get a real president elected for the first time in Zues knows how long.

3) The ruling class has to make the best out of Obama, who is a ticking time-bomb for them. The entire reason they wanted to get rid of Obama was to give the calming effect Romney would have had. That didn't happen. People are freaking out about Obama and are waking up even faster than they were before.

So what does this mean? There are actual and true cracks in the system at all levels. Whenever a nation begins to break down, whistleblowers, real whistleblowers come out of the woodwork. We have to remember, "WE" aren't the only ones with Youtube. There are sleeping crusaders at every level and every strata in this nation. Many are waking up, or at least percieving weakness in the gov and deciding that its time to strike.

Even in the gov. controlled media, they are beggining to realize that if they dont start reporting real news, they are going to go bankrupt. Not all of these people are bought and paid for, many simply respond to incentives. Now every incentive seems to be in favor of "defying" the government. They are starting to understand when they put alternative media personalities on their bullshit programs, their ratings go through the roof! There is a hunger for truth out there which may intice people in positions of power who want to make a buck and see their ratings climb.

Other nations also percieve a chance to put an end to the American Empire by helping the libertarians take power. You think Russia wouldn't prefer a non-interventionalist America to one constantly threatening war? Perhaps thats why Russia Today's catch phraze is: "Truth is the best propoganda." Can you hit the nail any more directly on the head than that? Think of the profound impact of that slogan. Russia's best way to be neutralize the danger of American foreign policy is to report actual truth to American people and hasten our revolution (peaceful or otherwise) by awakening people to the corruption of our banking system and military industrial complex.

Even in the pentagon and upper echeleons of government there are probably those who have been waiting till the time was right. This drone story may very well have been a true leak.

I can't tell you how happy I am Romney lost. His demise will pave the way for us to take back our nation as Obama and the illusion he represents implode. All we have to do is secure our power base by infiltrating and taking over the GOP. The Dems have their own civil war going. Keep fighting.