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Uh huh

Every day now. Propaganda? Sorry, I have a natural habit of reverse engineering. Criminal mind? Not really. I always figure how they could have gotten away with something. Some of these shootings- description =black hoods and/or masks. Then magically the media shows you a suspect. These crime scenes include very young witnesses, media censored from witnesses, Assberger Syndrome (really? what is that? 2 times now. Oh, people who can't put words together). The batman guy, look at the way they went to his apartment because it was "booby trapped". They had scaffolds and tents over his windows. Look at Gabbie Gifford's shooting. All that was reported was "A man in a black hoodie ran away". Fort Hood - the key was when the story broke & what the first witnesses said 2 people running away. And the cell phones consfiscated from everyone in the room. Same with Christmas Day underwear bomber - 2 men. The LA ex-Cop - wouldn't a final note be hand written and much more concise? If you care enough to type all that out, then you'd think you care enough for self preservation. They could theoritically remove the patsy first then create the story. It's a shame but you can't trust known liars.