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Lack of reporting

You know, I just got off the phone with my mom, and I was telling her that I've gotten much more of an education now that I'm out of school (she had mentioned something about degrees, regarding younger cousins).

I went on to say, the things about liberty I've been learning in the last year (here on this site) should be taught in schools. That they're not, means something nefarious.

The MSM is failing. The Bar Harbor Times recently shut down. Somewhat related, Saturday delivery is being cancelled (somewhat, due to the ads contained therein). They're printing money hand-over-fist and just bought enough bullets to be at war for 30 years based on the metric of highest fighting in Iraq.

They're going to lose. They know it.

They're stockpiling ammunition. When citizens stockpile ammunition, they get murdered by the government (Waco, TX, etc). So what should rightly happen when the government stockpiles ammunition?

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