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Comment: well...I don't want him responding to this...

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well...I don't want him responding to this...

...and then me responding to him....ya know....Larry.Pratt was much more well received by us on the gun control stuff with Piers Morgan...we don't need anymore bad stigmata like that....

We have our guys, they have theirs....on the same issues...
Larry Pratt vs. NRA
Tom Woods vs. David Barton
Peter Schiff.vs.

The cream is rising to the top, validity for the pure faith Christianity of our founders is.pretty much what set me off the most in Beck's slam....selling Rome....selling the empire and the need for war in the name of Christ, having Christians kill for America to defend what? Obamacare?

As I've said before, so many things get referenced, eluded to, mentioned and passed's time we stop their running mouths and parse their words.for educational sake...imprisoned creationist Kent Hovind has even mentioned AJ's website in his seminar, you'd think at some point AJ could move past Lindsay Williams and talk about Kent Hovind's plight....they're on the same side, right?

You see; I see very persuasive people and assailant points too often being over-looked, or,.presented by others with a twist or no citation of the original application intent, understanding, or practical context...we just talk, move on, maybe whip up some emotion along the way like a magician that distracts....people are entitled to,.people need the WHOLE story...and by omitting so
many things, people, references(on purpose) I suspect; people then get caught up following a person, rather than joining the cause.

Sorry, I just see a transitioning here; a maturation if I may, and a separation to some degree is now warranted I think...for credibility sake.