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You rest your case? LOL

Yeah I see you're trying to control the situation yet again and close down the "conversation".. You can see it again with "you have to have the last word" bit as well. I told you that stuff doesn't work on me, I see through it. I still have things to say so I'll keep going.. besides.. if you really wanted to "rest your case" you would have left the last time you tried to end the convo..

"You are going to liken him to a "patriot"?"

The verdict isn't in yet.. Tell Al Awlaki's son about going after family.. but no I wouldn't go after their family unless there was clear evidence that they were involved somehow. Maybe such as the Captains daughter.

"I know this will fall upon deaf ears, knowing that like a little b---- you have to get in the last word"

It's usually a good source of humor from people like you because it's almost always the case that during an argument, you will see some sort of hypocritical statement.. so thanks for the laugh. :)

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