Comment: "I don't know what she did, and neither do you."

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"I don't know what she did, and neither do you."

Yet you don't have a problem condemning him without knowing that information huh..

"Would the fact that she told a lie be enough for you?"

A lie can do a lot of damage.. if it was in a conspiracy to ruin this guys when he was in the right.... try to imagine that feeling he has as you sit in a courtroom and you're being made to look like the wrong one when you're the one who came out against corruption.

Lies have sent people to jail for many years.. they send people to death.. they ruin lives.. so yeah it would depend on what her complicity was. We don't even know how it came about yet do we? Were they all killed in the same spot? Were they involved in smearing him? A lot of unanswered questions right now.. including the so called manifesto since it seems some of it has been withheld from what I read to save face for Obama and the gun grab.

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