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against local law enforcement, and former military?

This is disinformation designed to tear down local control of local law enforcement! It serves to attack guns in the hands of local cops or ex-military, challenging the populace to give up their autonomy in favor of Fed Cops, disarming and distrusting their local police, and favoring Federal control top down!

Local police have been under attack as a once sound institution supportive of local freedom. At the same time, such institutions wuold be an enemy of communist style globalist Fed cops and federal control of local law enforcement!

Local police control has been slowly eroded through carrot money initiatives starting back in the late 1960s and early 1970s with such NGO and government groups as LEAA (Law Enforcement Assistance Administration). This insidious group was designed to take control of cops under the wing of the Federal government rather than allow local control... the latter being the best for law enforcement in a free Republic guided by a Constitution which restricts control to Art. 1 duties and powers.

The manifesto bears the mark of such a hatchet job, playing on material which, in isolated events, from multiple agencies, or a wide range of players, could all be true. But wrapped neatly into one persons life history, packaged conveniently, the whole diatribe takes on the tone of sysops ghost writing, editorialized to fit the desired dialectical purpose!

It appears to be constructed to alter public opinion, usually towards government intervention to supersede local law enforcement and State jurisdiction. It is classic.

This piece he wrote kills multiple birds with one actor, demonizing both local enforcement and ex-military as being unfit for possessing guns or fulfilling their role in a free society of State and local governance.

It is more than coincidental that this marks another in several such to go down since the election, and especially since the Sandy Hook catalyst event!

The CFR is getting desperate! The endgame has been hastened due to circumstances of 'Paulian' proportions!