Comment: We need only look to their previous pronouncements to gauge

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We need only look to their previous pronouncements to gauge

where they are going with this.

I don't have citations handy, but I'm sure some more thrifty DP'ers can provide them.

TPTB have been known to exclaim that the following goals/plans:

1) One world government (communistic of course)
2) To so change the US that it can one day be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.
3) Vast reductions in human population, by some accounts down to as little as 500 million or so, from the present nearly 7 billion.
4) To accomplish #1 & #3 - they would need the people of the world to BEG for it as a solution. They would do this after a series of three increasingly severe "world wars." They have a contingency, that if the third war could not be pulled off, or if it does not work, they would attempt two fallback plans, both of which might run concurrently and are not mutually exclusive:

A) A global terrorist threat necessitating a world wide war on terrorism, preferably involving terrorist organizations armed with chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons.
B) A staged (that is, entirely fake) extraterrestrial threat. It is believed if this won't make the remainder of humanity beg for world dictatorship, nothing will.

To accomplish #2 - they would need to make two moves:

A) transform the Soviet Union - only on the surface - to appear less communist and more western.
B) continue to implement communist policy in the US slowly but as quickly as the population will swallow it. Some parts of the plan are already so entrenched, they are staunchly defended by even those claiming to be "free market" or "conservative" types.


Thus I see this move as simply part of the larger picture.

They wish to exterminate all opposition.

They are no longer afraid of being open about this.

Their goal is to demonize ANYONE who disagrees with "the state."

They want to get everyone to HATE and WISH DEATH upon anyone who disagrees with "the state."

They are stockpiling lots of special purpose ammo.

They are making noise about disarming the general population. (always a prelude to massacre by the tens of millions)

They are still on track with economic collapse.

GMOs are still on track infiltrating the food supply to produce famine and disease.

Their bio-weapons programs are still on track, becoming possible to target specific DNA subgroups.

THEY WANT a war.

They WANT us to start fighting back.

They want this because it will give them the pretext to unleash the 7th circle of hell upon the Earth.

They WANT mass death and collapse.

They NEED it to happen so there are few survivors who will BEG for their dictatorship and BEG to be their life long slaves.

If they don't get it, expect them to be mighty pissed off.

If they start ramping up the alien bullshit and trying to make it look 'real' and begin 'disclosure', know that they are going for broke.