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I am not reliable at all

but if you look at the sentence structure and wording of the "omitted" parts they don't match up well. If we have any English professors here they could explain it better. If he did write them, he was under a totally different frame of mind.

If this man did kill some people I do not condone it one bit. Sometimes people hit a breaking point, but that's when you change jobs. It happened to me.

Cut throat back stabbing corporate stooges were at my last job, and they hired a kid with no work experience to be my boss after promising me manager of a multimillion dollar laboratory.

The only thing that kept me going was working really hard and trying my best. And I accomplished a lot of great stuff, things under an NDA, so I can't talk about them, and even though I knew the environment I was working in was toxic, I could disappear into my work and forget everything else.

I ended up cold calling a competitor who was non-corporatist. Best decision ever. Got a new job, harder than the last and less money.

I think this guy should have put forth all his disagreements out for the public but he went way over the edge. I kept my mouth shut with my last job and would never disparage the company in public as it's a privately owned corporation, but this case is public and the public needs to know this kind of stuff.

He just went about it the wrong way. I know it's easy to say find a new line of work. But killing other people is not the answer. He might not have even killed anyone. Maybe he hired some thugs. Who knows. We will never know the truth. But I think we can agree picking off people you used to work with on a grudge is pretty horrendous.

Any type of warfare is bad, IMO. There will always be blowback. Unfortunately it seems like warfare has been around since, well, forever.

He should have been grateful to be out of that circle he so hated. Obviously, and unfortunately, he couldn't find a place to fit in. I would feel bad too. But I would rather go work a low stress job and live in a shack then have no job and a huge chip on my shoulder.

There's no firm answer on how to handle a workplace like that.

Other than "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely" and get out and either get involved with the people in a more positive manner and get out a video camera, talk to people, and such. I don't know. There's no way I could walk a mile in that man's shoes, or gain his total perspective. Nobody will but him.

I think most people know the most corrupt people in the world are cops, politicians, and govt bureaucrats. Hopefully this will wake more people up but listening to the news they aren't telling the whole story and the "manifesto" will likely fall on deaf ears and only serve this man to provide him peace of mind (in violence, which is tragic.) Not only that but innocents are being rustled up by LEO's and all kinds of other misdeeds are also occurring.

Living a peaceful life is the only answer. Violence serves nobody.

that's my .02 FRN's.