Comment: Not to mention all the money saved on the bogus

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Not to mention all the money saved on the bogus

War on Drugs.

But that's where things get tricky. Those drug warriors are politically well connected. They want to keep those prisons open and the money from the government flowing. The lawyers need the work. The cops need the jobs. If they're not out busting heads ... what'll they do for work?

And ounce of weed should probably be about $5. Imagine if this plant were "legal" (as if a plant can be "illegal" - who's law are we talking about? Man's law, or God's law?) everyone and his brother were growing it. And after all, it grows like a "weed." It would be everywhere. You could throw a bunch of seeds in the garden out back and have a nice harvest. People would be giving it away.

Kind of like zucchini squash in the summer. It's like: Help - take some of this squash! I've got too much. I can't eat it all!!!

I think the actual market price would approach free in certain areas. But there would always be a premium price for the premium product.

Take a trip to Amsterdam if you want to see premium dope -- legally.

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