Comment: Me too, Joe...I'm fed up too

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Me too, Joe...I'm fed up too

Me too, Joe...I'm fed up too man but please don't think for a stinking moment that the FED's aren't going to legalize it without some kind of incentive for themselves.

The end of alcohol prohibition was met with WHAT for the state's benefit? The 5 cent deposit...most people don't return their bottles and cans, and over half of the tax goes straight into the government pockets.

If there was ever a tax that I'd be in favor of right now, marijuana consumption would be it, because the net gains in so many ways would far outweigh the negative aspects of the tax itself. The medical benefits alone would save hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars per year in medical costs.

There MUST be some sort of compromise. Meet in the middle...everyone gains, the only ones that lose are the drug cartels and their pushers.

Legalize weed. It's a win, win for both the government and the People.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.