Comment: Prices inflated because of risk.

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Prices inflated because of risk.

Pure production is REALLY cheap. Even hydro is very cheap, and soil is virtually free.

You could produce about 10 ounces with about $400 in supplies and energy costs (depending on locale and setup). This would be a cost of about $40 per ounce, with profit margin up to about 80$. (And I mean good stuff). Easy production would cause competition to create razor thin margins, and would eventually settle down to barely above cost with people using economy of scale to further push down prices...

The reason it is so expensive is that people require a higher reward when risking their life and freedom. Being illegal increases profit margins for those who are less risk averse.

But your question/goal is flawed. Why would you want to ask them to steal from you, just so that you could get them to stop controlling a small part of your life?

Btw, it isn't taxable. That's the problem. High cost would drive people to grow their own. Whereas tabacco's difficult grow/harvest/cure process stops people from growing it in their backyards, so they can tax the living hell out of us on it.

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