Comment: And his is our police force.

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And his is our police force.

And his is our police force. Shoot first ask questions later. Oh yeah THEY should have semi-automatic weapons and the populous they are containing should not......

What a bunch of shit. When oh when my brothers are we going end this?

Are we going to sit by forever while our rights are taken away daily?

Where is our network? Everyone is too afraid because the government can see everything you are doing. Once upon a time we would have collected in secret, now the government can see everything and will pick everyone off one by one. What are we to do? When will we as a nation get fed up? What will finally be the straw the breaks the camels back?

We've already seen the government killing american citizens, running drills to kill americans, stock piling ammunition to kill our brothers. When is enough going to be enough? When will we come together and stop this?

How can we come together when they see everything? They see this obviously..... Are we going ot just continue to take this?

Shall we all buy butt plugs to stretch our asses out for them?

When is enough enough????????