Comment: Michael, You didn't steal my Computer did you?

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Michael, You didn't steal my Computer did you?

How ironic, I have a 5 year old mac book pro as well, internal speakers broken because I broke a headphone jack off in it, yet the thing runs great. At least did, I just had to ship it out to replace a bad logic board and harddrive, so yeah $500 to fix a 5 year old computer or buy a PC for that price. I feel your exact sentiment, I've been using a similar Dell laptop for the past month of my girl friends that's no more than 3 years old and the thing is on it's death bed.

I really wish there we're more choices out there as far as reliable computers that last. Mac's are over priced, and while they are reliable and incredibly efficient, they are becoming less durable over the past couple years. PC's just don't last unless you constantly clean them up every other week or so. I wish so bad that there were more options, lower end Mac like computers, where they're just as immune to viruses, and have excellent software and processors. If only I was savy with computer technology.