Comment: Mr. Lee and his cohorts in the legislature are why my

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Mr. Lee and his cohorts in the legislature are why my

beloved state of California has has gone insane. Currently there is a background check and waiting period. Now there are 10 new bills before the legislature regulating guns and ammo. They include everything from charging a fee and background checks to purchase ammo, registration of all guns, limiting the number of bullets in a clip for current gun owners and future owners, requiring liability insurance, lending guns to anyone, a new list of prohibited weapons, bullet buttons that allow for quick reload, and prohibiting semi- auto rifles with detachable magazines. The state is controlled by the Dems so these may pass. Gun Owners of America has promised to fight back.

I pray for Ms. Hupp and her efforts to fight back. The 1991 murders at Luby's in TX that killed her mom and dad were horrific however, I believe the 1984 McDonalds killings in San Ysidro, CA where 21 were killed and 19 injured was the first mass shooting.

Calling schools "Gun Free Zones" only makes them targets. Dr. Paul had legislation that would have removed that but it needs to be re-approved.