Comment: Good subject, was just thinkin about it myself

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Good subject, was just thinkin about it myself

People need to remember that the price would be dictated by those that can get the best product on the market for the cheapest price so to say that if an oz takes $30 to produce, then the grower would demand $60 per oz and take home one hundred percent profits is drastically underestimating the power of the market to drive down prices. Small, independent growers would be forced into a boutique market very quickly and most would go out of business trying to compete with the giant farms capable of putting out millions of pounds at a fraction of the cost. The profit margins would be reduced to cents per oz. If there was even a chance that marijuana was going to be legalized you would have to expect that the giant tobacco companies, or anyone like that, would invest ridiculous amounts into research and development trying to cut costs and raise THC levels.

My hold up is that the government could completely ruin the benifits of marijuana legalization through taxes and regulation. I live in Oregon where they tried to pass a sort of "legalization" that would only have allowed state sanctioned facilities to grown and to sell pot, a lot like what we have with the sale of liquor in Oregon. That sort of "legalization" would just create a monopoly and would not have even gotten rid of black market transactions. A lot of people propose that we tax weed up to wazoo and the extra revenue would save America. In reality taxation would limit the benefits that we would see from legalization. If we wanted to see the most amount of benefit from marijuana we would just lift all restrictions on growing selling and consumption. The added capital obtained through the growth in industry and the savings on the law enforcement side would dwarf the revenues incurred through taxation.