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I stared out on a Mac - the original Mac

You had to load the OS from a floppy! This was back in 1986. And I was hooked, through college until in around 1995, when I needed some finance software that didn't run on the Mac. So I switched to the PC for about 10 years.

My wife bought this little tiny demo Macbook that was on clearance in Taiwan. It was like $300. I loved it! And when it died (my fault - I dropped it), I bought my trusty old MacBook Pro, which is still with me to this day, 6 years later.

I agree with Velveeta below: Go to the Mac Store and check them out. They're wonderful machines. Much faster. If you can work Windows, you can work a Mac. Windows copied the Mac, after all!

There are a few quirks that you'll have to get used to, and the other big hurdle is the software. If you're whole software portfolio is PC, you'll have to invest in new stuff, which can be expensive. But there are ways around that ;).

Good luck. Let us know how it goes.