Comment: Yup! I broke the headphone jack off as well!

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Yup! I broke the headphone jack off as well!

Searched high and low on how to fix it. Tried to superglue a nail to the broken end and pull it out, to no avail. AND - I had JUST replaced the logic board (only cost me $300 when I did it), and I couldn't justify spending that again on such an old computer. So this was my $26.99 fix:

These things work great. The sound is decent. They're a little clunky. I have a USB adapter to plug my headphones in. The volume control isn't great, but hey - $26.99 for the speakers, and $5 for the USB headphone jack. It beats a thousand bucks plus for a new computer, or another $500 for the logic board. If I hadn't had just done it, I would have replaced the logic board...

Still. The $2000 I paid for this computer 6 years ago. Still worth it, imho. I hope the new ones will last as long.

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