Comment: fun times

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fun times

as they say, only in America.

cop with a gun shooting people?...maybe we should ban police.

anyway, am I the only person who notices the ads displayed at DailyPaul?
Always, on the right hand column, there is a man holding a rifle...the tag says I should hoard 37 things.

Then there the oh so cute girl bent over so much so, her boobs spill out of halter top.

Then there's the ad with the ex-president of Italy surrounded by girls wearing only their underwear and bra.

Lately, there's been this ad for the army with a girl who has boobs the size of a small town.

As I write, there's a girl in a very skimpy swimsuit with her bum showing...the tag asks me, if I am a supermodel material, if so, I should click on the ad.


I'm beginning to think, there may be very few if any female visitors to DailyPaul.