Comment: Dell builds some crappy

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Dell builds some crappy

Dell builds some crappy computer parts (well...actually assembles) and installs all sorts of bloatware onto Windows. They do make some decent machines, but most people that have Dell problems buy their crap.

I loaded Windows onto my wife's macbook pro using Boot Camp which will allow you to boot into Mac or Microsoft operating system. Best of both worlds....quality hardware and the option to boot into either operating system you want. Apple spends money on their hardware, many (or most) PC manufacturers don't (though some do). To be honest, windows 7 runs faster on my wife's macbook than mac os x.....I know I know, you won't believe me, but it does.

I build my own desktops because it's easy, but I always buy the cheapest laptops I can get my hands on, install a SSD, and call it good. My current 12" laptop cost $230 + $60 for the SSD, and is feather light. My wife's macbook pro is great but cost her boss $2000. I like the macbook, but not for about $1700 more.

if i have the extra cash to blow....disposable electronics is not where i want to spend it.