Comment: I hang up on these calls, and I throw their mail in the

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I hang up on these calls, and I throw their mail in the


Those peddling this mess don't care one iota about my opinion. They just want my money.

They can call their asking for my money whatever they want:

"a census" when that was going on near 2010, then it was...

"a poll" when elections were near...

or "petitions" when it was 'against' an opponent...

now, it's a 'directive.'

All of them are the same. They all contained canned responses. No room for my individual opinion.

They don't care what my response is. They won't be tallying them anyhow.

If no money is sent to "process" my reply, it's going in the garbage anyway with all the others.

The only thing that won't go in the garbage of course, is my check. Which is all they wanted in the first place.

The rest is just fluff to try to get me to part with my money.

Sorry Rand, you just proved that you also engage in the bovine excrement tactics that all the other loser politicians do. (and yes, this applies to C4L as well - detestable bunch they are)

You're not getting a penny from me.

Besides, it's not like I have any available for you as you continue the massive ongoing theft known as the so-called income tax. Maybe if you managed to slay that dragon or at least fire a shot at it, I might scrap up a dime or two for ya.