Comment: You should choose your words more carefully.

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You should choose your words more carefully.

If it is "your" income tax, you'd best pay up or be prepared for jail time.

Now, if you don't owe the tax, it isn't "your's" and thus there's no reason to pay it.

On to other matters, consider yourself fortunate that you've seen YoY growth every month for the last 7 years.

In the business I work in, we've seen YoY decreases each month, some months as high as 22-48%, yes, 48% for 7 years RUNNING. (don't ask how we are still open, I have no idea) And that isn't adjusting for inflation by government or PM standards.

We were starting to level off last year, but then we had a weaker YoY November and December (which were usually always up unlike other months) down 15% and 11% each, and now a January 2013 that was down 23% and we're facing a 46% down February.

You just don't know misery yet. Count your lucky charms.