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Micheal, it's not that

Micheal, it's not that Microsoft has failed you, more like Dell has. Microsoft has to work with a multitude of partners, and the partners most of the time never listen to Microsoft advice when making their PC.

The best advice I always give people when they buy a Windows PC is to directly get it from Microsoft Store. It will cost a little bit more, but Microsoft Store sell their signature PCs free of bloatwares, which 99% of time time solves all the problem of drivers errors and all kind of unnecessary problems the OEMs create.

The font you have converted probably has issues, why don't you get the original ttf format? It will work well with Windows.

The hard drive noise could be due to poor noise isolation of the desktop. But it could also be a problem with bloatwares running in the background. I highly suggest you do a clean install to get rid of horrible bloatwares.