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I've always considered Windows an OS for people who like options. So I'm using 5GB out of 16GB of memory right now with my 20 instances(tabs) of chrome running, along with Outlook and Excel. XP being 32bit, would be crapping out at 3GB of usage due to its architecture limitation of 3GB. The problem with Windows.. is it works on pretty much all hardware from all vendors, even Mac.. this allows for a plethora of cheap sh!tty PC's to flood the market with under powered hardware.. which consumers being generally uninformed, buy and complain that their machines aren't fast enough..

I blame the manufactures for selling machines which leave the consumer disheartened due to the "if it's being sold on the shelf.. it must be good enough for me" mentality which requires as little thought as possible. Apple has succeeded with great magnitude capitalizing on this mentality, and it's paid off.

Mean while, no complaints here from my 17" 3D, RAIDed SSD, 16GB of RAM, gaming laptop which I put together for under $2k 15months ago. But, i'm a tech by trade and like this stuff.