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rands power lies in the tea parties and with conservatives.
this is who he speaks to and this is how he will win.
if you are not a tea partier or a conservative then i expect you wont get it. google tea parties and find out how many there really are.
every city, every town and every pct has some type of tea party.
280 in texas alone.
The tea party took over the texas convention and romney couldnt even show his face. Imagine that. The larget state convention and the presumed nominee wasnt there for all THREE days. Not only that, the mere mention of his name brought boos heard for blocks.
His name as mentioned by retiring senator KBH in her opening speech, the boos were so loud the neighbors to the convention though it was war.
needless to say the establishment NEVER mentioned romneys name again. for ALL three days!!
Tea Parties are every where. They are not in media and you dont hear about them.. but they are here.
even in california and massachusettts.
why do you think the media doesnt even mention the tea party?
because the tea party is the next up rising and its happening-
google tea parties in some different states and you will see. and theyre not bought like the libs were informed they were. Only one or two and it was all ready crrected!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016