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Rule of Law

It is time to stop referring to our republic as anything but "The Republic". Rule by the rule of law. This sort of tyranny can only happen in a democracy or an oligarchy. Our republic is hanging on by a thread. Just because this person was Muslim, doesn't mean he is not offered the same guarantees as a non-Muslim.

In a Republic, we are ruled by the Rule of Law, not by the Rule of Majorities, not by the Rule of the Few and Powerful. But some might say, "If the majorities write the law, then they are following the law." This statement is ignorant to what the rule of law means. The rule of law is very clear in it's intentions. The government is RESTRICTED. "Congress shall not... Congress shall not... Congress shall not... and anything we forgot is left to the states or to the people."

The LAW or CONSTITUTION is very clear as it does not make exceptions for any groups. In fact, when minority groups were targeted for exceptions, the law said "no". The constitution guarantees rights for every American. The rights should actually be extended not just to Americans, but to humans.

This is where the principle of non-intervention becomes key. You cannot offer the rule of law but then provoke someone to where they act defensively just so you can justify killing them claiming your own defense. You stand your ground and defend your liberties, but you do NOT harm others aggressively.

Fighting to defend your life, liberty, or property- absolutely justified. Fighting out of fear that someone might do harm- unacceptable. It is also justified to defend yourself if you are in imminent harm, but Al-Awlaki was not in the actual physical act of trying to kill someone. If there is evidence that proves he was planning to commit murder, then arrest him, bring him to a fair trial, and then if he is found guilty by the rule of law, punish him according to the law.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.