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Comment: I'm sorry, but...

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I'm sorry, but...

you are all wrong. This is not 'pandering for votes'. (cue the downvote) Despite my claim, I will say that this is indeed a stunt.
bare with me, and try to understand the logic.

To speak an opinion in Spanish and English within the United States makes perfect sense. There is a massive Spanish population, and you can bet your ASS that Spanish is the primary language of many. If you don't like this concept (just because we're talking abour Rubio..) imagine this: a 2 hour Ron Paul rally spoken entirely in Spanish, to a mostly Spanish population.

Maybe you understand what I'm saying by now, but if not I'll go on.
Is Rubio making campaign promises in his statements? I wouldn't call them promises, even if he aludes to his positions. After all, he technically isn't campaigning for anything. [YES, he may be attempting to earn the respect of a specific demographic, but it is not with promises.]

Allow me to say this: I DO NOT SUPPORT RUBIO
But I'll be damned, if the Spanish-American population (legal and illegal) become more drawn to conservative values above federal welfare, healthcare, and absolute open border policy DUE to Rubio, then I will be grateful.