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According to the author at your link, it seems that the milk proteins do spike insulin but that in and of itself doesn't equal milk protein to fat conversion. He states that insulin is necessary to drive the proteins into the cells.

To quote "And yet we need insulin to shuttle all sorts of nutrients into cells, like protein and glycogen into muscles. It’s there for a reason, so to demonize it is misguided. It’s chronically elevated insulin and insulin resistance – you know, the hallmarks of metabolic syndrome – that are the problem."

So the insulin spike from dairy is necessary. Where the problem lies is if the spike is totally uncontrolled and remains high for a long period as in chronic insulin resistance. Again I say that the problem isn't the protein. Insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes have been cured with low carb diets (ie atkins) on a regular basis. A full cure. And atkins doesn't allow lactose, but you can eat all the whey protein you want. Therefore since a low carb diet that includes whey protein can cure type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance, again I submit that the milk protein is not the problem.