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exactly!!!!!! none of these

exactly!!!!!! none of these people have any idea what it takes to grow the stuff. It is an art. My brother here got his MMC in Colorado about 3 years ago. it has taken him 2 years to learn how to grow the real good stuff. 30%+ THC content. many of these peoiple are probably smoking what we call swag, the low grade stuff. Just like anything else, you get what you pay for. He had a spider might infiltration with one grow because he bought a plant that was infected. He learned to take a magnifying glass and inspect the plants before he brought them home. He has learned the hard way but now he grows the very best. he is going to enter the cannibus cup next year. all his friends call him MR. green jeans.. lol. He uses dutchmaster fertilizer. etc etc. there is a ton of work growing good weed. and these dopes think it should be 100.00 an ounce? lmao...