Comment: It just needs some attention

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It just needs some attention

Your computer probably just needs some attention.

Try .ttf fonts. Also, Type 1 should work.

It sounds like your hard disk is "thrashing". Probably your pagefile is set to a funky size or you may even have malware. Set the virtual memory to the system recommended size for min and max. It should be the same. Don't let Windows manage it. Set it manually.

Try a check disk and a SMART disk check as well. Your hard drive manufacturer will have some kind of disk tools to run. You probably have WD or Seagate drives which do have manufacturer tests you can download.

Run malwarebytes and combofix.

If you have many antivirus things running (malwarbytes, spybot, norton, windows defender, trend micro), stop all but your antivirus from running in the background. They fight like kids in the back seat.

Dell makes very good computers. There's no reason yours shouldn't run just fine. If you message me, I don't mind giving the daily paul a little free tech support.