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That's not true at all.

I've converted 6 family members to Linux from Windows. One from Windows 7 even. None of them are computer savvy in the least. They are what you would call "average users." Though I am their "resident tech support" they can call on, I have had far fewer calls from them than when they ran Windows systems. (which is why I switched them over) And at that, those calls were about learning the new system, not a problem with it.

Most of any learning curve is simply an issue of lack of confidence not to blow something up by clicking somewhere. It has little to do with how the system is laid out or designed or operates.

The most "noob" and fearful of computer users I've likely known I've converted to Ubuntu 12.04 and she loves it.

And I've yet in several years, had to do any surgery of any kind to any of those systems.
(by comparison, I had to completely reinstall each of their previous systems at least once, some multiple times)

And my Dad, who was and still is using Win7 (in vBox because he insists on Photoshop) has had nothing but headache after headache with Win7 not being able to print or scan, yet Ubuntu has NO problem doing so.

Is Ubuntu perfect every time on all hardware? No.

Neither is Windows, though they quietly claim it to be, or expect you to think it is.