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Comment: To claim that "you are all wrong"

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To claim that "you are all wrong"

To claim that "you all all wrong" is a fallacy of logic because you and the rest of us to not have the knowledge of his true intentions and all the facts behind this move. So to say that we are all wrong is naive and short-sighted...and a bit childish. (It's the whole nah ahh, yeah ya, nah ahh, yeah ha mentality).

Rather then stating that we all have valid opinions and that you will just be giving your different perspective on the issue, you jump into these irrational claims and declare your hypotheses the correct one without knowing enough facts about the issue to make such a claim and degrading everyone else's ideas of what might be his intentions.

YOU might be wrong! I might be wrong. WE ALL might be wrong. But it is way too premature to declare that any one theory is the correct or "right" one...all we can do is speculate.

- Brennan