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Comment: I won't do your work for you, but John Rawls'

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I won't do your work for you, but John Rawls'

A Theory of Justice should have something for you on the affirmative side with his whole, "pretend we are the least fortunate" looking glass.

With a little creativity, the ever present and overused in high school debate, Thomas Malthus, might have something useful on the negative. (letting people kill each other off is more "humane" from a utilitarian standpoint) Combine him with that idiot Bentham and you can make quite a punch, but I'll warn you, there is a LOT of material out there on these two, and the judges have heard it all. You'll need to have a creative approach or twist, and be prepared for the attacks on your sources. You might even scare yourself defending them. Don't lose your "center" on that one.

And as a former CX-er and one who dabbled in LD, congrats and good luck.