Comment: It is not rude to point out another's rudeness.

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It is not rude to point out another's rudeness.


No one is entitled to anything, but she did perform the service and the Pastor knew DAMNED GOOD AND WELL she'd be expected to pay for that service. If she doesn't want to pay for service, she should not eat where it is expected and customary. Perhaps a fast food joint would suit her better. Or, perhaps, God forbid, she COOK for herself or her "congregation." Anyone heard of "potluck?"

As I understand it, she wasn't even the one who posted the image, AND she made it so no one would know who it was. Thus, I can't see how her actions were in anyway cause for termination. She was not trying to identify the pastor in any way. And even made an effort to keep a lid on it as others tried to. (that 'pastor' must have this reputation elsewhere to be outed so fast, I'd bet it was someone in the dining party that can't stand her)

Was it avoidable? Sure—the Pastor could have paid for service. She could have stiffed the server and simply done nothing else.

But the PASTOR chose to be a class-A BITCH. She got what was, I estimate, was LONG coming to her. I'd wager this was not an isolated incident at this restaurant, or by her.

Unfortunately, yes, unfortunately, I say, it cost the server her job. But as I noted below, this is likely a blessing and not a curse.

At the least, butt-holes like this so-called "pastor" who's really just running a tax scam, will think twice about either not tipping in the future, or at least think twice about writing cutesy little jackass remarks when they stiff someone.