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Comment: Cival war is completely false

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Cival war is completely false

Cival war is completely false in school... Lincoln didnt free one slave with the emancipation proclamation. The confederacy was a separate country. The war had little to do with slavery. Only about 5% of the southerners owned slaves... what were the other 95% fighting for? freedom. Now, FDR and WW2 saving us from the great depression is a lie... Herbert Hoover did tons of public works; while we are told he was a do nothing president... hint hint the hoover dam... the constitutional convention was clearly controversial and they paint it as something divine........ the answer is Yes they are blantly lying and most history teacher know no different because they were taught all this in college. I would know as a history major... they are all communists. I still remember debating my professor on how the great depression wasnt ended by WW2