Comment: When is the last time you were in a school?

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When is the last time you were in a school?

2+2=4 ONLY if everyone in the group agrees it does.
"The presenters focused on "Consensus is the Answer Key" for this workshop. It is a classroom dynamic whereby students get feedback on solutions from classroom discussion and agreement, not from answers in the back of the book or from the teacher. These "expert" sources of informations are removed. Instead, students use their own logic, creativity, communication, and collaboration skills to solve problems. (Do you smell constructivism?...) To set up this sort of classroom culture students are given problems to solve. They work on the problems individually or collaboratively. Then students discuss their processes and solutions with classmates. Using logic, questioning, and explanation, students come to consensus on the correct answer."

How you spell a word is now a matter of opinion. Teachers do not put red marks on papers to mark errors - bad for the child's "self esteem."

Science... The model they use of the Universe is so faulty that they keep having to make up stuff to "explain it." Watch this:

As for psychology, please watch "The Marketing of Madness."

While there are a few facts still being taught in schools, they have become an indoctrination system where "fitting in" and "feeling good" are the goals, not education.

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