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I think that you're right

I think that you're right about Alaska and Virginia - Miller and Cuccinelli are allies who can win those races and the establishment is trying to undermine them in order to stop it.

We should also try to draft some other people to run in Senate races in New Mexico and New Jersey - races that the establishment isn't even considering vulnerable in 2014, but liberty candidates like Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Andrew Napolitano could win in those two states. And then one or both of them would be in a better position for a Presidential run after that.

Also, I'd love to see BJ Lawson have a chance at a race that he could win, either the Senate or North Carolina CD2 (if Elmers runs for Senate) since he has demonstrated his ability to campaign well twice now. Redistricting moved him into Elmer's Republican leaning district now. I wish we had good liberty Republicans in Montana and South Dakota, too.

There are also some good Congressional race possibilities in Utah 4, Iowa 4 and one of the Maine CDs.

With Tom Davis running against Graham in South Carolina already, we may have as many statewide races as we could support in one election. If we could take 4 Senate seats from Democrats, that would be a majority of the Senate takeover seats in 2014 (the GOP needs to take 6 to gain a majority and I doubt the party will net more than 7 in one election).

Winning those many would make a clear case to the rank-and-file Republican voters that liberty people can win crucial victories at the polls and the establishment couldn't hide that fact, regardless of how they might try to.

I'm not as sure about Minnesota if you're thinking that Kurt Bills could win the Senate race against Franken. I don't think Bills would win the primary and I think it would be a better strategy for him to run for Representative if John Kline runs for the Senate (Bills lives in CD2 and recently represented part of it in the legislature). He did good to get 30% last year, better than 4 GOP candidates in other states, but if an open congressional seat is there. I would consider it wiser to run in a primary you can win than one you can't, and we may not have the resources to help him statewide.