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I guess. I don't disagree

I guess. I don't disagree with you. We're thinking of switching our XP clients to Ubuntu that logs into remote desktops. That way, it's more than a thin client for when remote desktops are down or whatever.

But what about Quickbooks, Dynamics CRM/GP, Word, Excel, Outlook... all the other day to day 'get your job done' apps wouldn't work. OpenOffice does not substitute for M$ Office, for instance.

I see you still need a vm for your dad. Don't you think that's more typical than not?

My dad's a pain in the ass with his PC too, btw. lol. He keeps reformatting it and then asking me to install Eset again. I'm like, why do you keep doing this?! You can reformat your computer but you don't know how to install antivirus?!