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Comment: I apoligize ((((((bear))))))

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I apoligize ((((((bear))))))

I was thinking of the Neil Young song, Heart of Gold.

No, I never once thought of you as being a gold digger or money whore. Never once in any way did I ever think that. I apologize that I gave you that impression. That makes me sad.

josf is way beyond my abilty to understand. I do not have the luxury to play "read between the lines" or whatever. I don't get him, though I do get his insults.

As for "our leaders are criminals" Is this actually news?

I thought the reason we were getting into the GOP was to replace the criminals and work to build a party based on integrity, the golden rule, conservative values as outlined in Ron Paul's books.

How do we get from Ron Paul's dream to restore the republic, to materialization with the criminals in control? Some say we can't compromise. I think that shows ignorance and inabilty to grow, Growth takes compromise. Compromise is what we do everyday. Rand is the bridge and he's a learning curve, as was his Father. Ron Paul taught us conservative values. Rand Paul teaches us how to apply them to the political process. If you don't like politics, you won't like Rand (why one would even be on DP who doesn't like politics is beyond me except for the farm reports and 911).

Rand has priorities, stategy, and is changing the GOP, pulling together the many styles of conservatives within the party.

There are many here on DP who HATE the GOP and want us to lose so they can simply say, TOLD YOU SO, because saying I TOLD YOU SO is far more important than winning liberty.

I really don't care what anyone decides to do. What I care about is when you make a decision, you do your best. What is not going to happen is Josf is not going to deafeat me with his babbling posts of apathy and negative energy. I've got enough enemies in the GOP that want to defeat Rand Paul to waste my time on those who have no power outside the GOP.

I am sorry what happened to your Church, home, community and life. The desperation of a thief from drug addiction. And the drug addiction is not the problem. The problem is the person became apathetic and sought drugs to relieve the pain, mental pain, of not being able to meet the expectations MSM puts on youth.. look like a TV Rock Star, or be a loser.. and all the rock stars do drugs.. and people have dreams, and kids are not taught in school, but put through exercizes.. so onto prison he goes where he will work for China's labor wages and America can compete with the insane NAFTA treaties.

I wonder, would a Church community had done better by this drug addict thief, to give a choice? Go to jail, or accept room and board in exchange for maintence of the church and grounds, bible study every day for three years, no drugs, no alcohol, no cigerettes, no women? Perhaps instead of prison labor they can send him to Iraq or Afghanistan?

Peace be with you.