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Try to follow these first few sentences.

Since too much information seems to overwhelm you.

Not all businesses are corporations, but a corporation requires government grant of special rights and privileges to even exist. That was very clear from the definitions.

People such as yourself try to confuse the issue and claim that a corporation is another word for business, but it is not. It is a specific fascist form of business.

When I referred to Mises/Cato, I was speaking about the lines of thought and organizations, not Mises personally.

Ron Paul on corporatism:

In a free market, only businesses exist. And limited liability as well as the other special privileges (giving a building the right of free speech, etc) can ONLY be granted by government because they do not exist in the real world.

Limited liability creates a moral hazard:
Google: "corporation limited liability moral hazard"

To begin your research, if in fact, you actually want to learn. Which it is clear that you do not.

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