Comment: Seems to be multiple copies

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Seems to be multiple copies

Seems to be multiple copies of this document.

One is 11, 19, and 22 pages long. They pretty much start out the same to page 11, then go on to mindless banter - NRA, Morgan, etc.

I think the package sent to Morgan (coin with bullets holes and a note 1 MOA) clarifies that those additions to the document were provided by the media or someone else to aid their goals.

The first 11 pages are pretty clean, very few errors, and use a nice choice of words. It's also ended well at 11 pages.

So all this, NRA, Morgan stuff, I think it's just lies.

And you have to admit, mailing that package to Morgan was smart, he must have known his document would have been edited. I mean, they still haven't found him.