Comment: Look into the terms of these "investments."

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Look into the terms of these "investments."

That deal that they claim is dead...
China was to be given a huge parcel near the airport, where Chinese police would patrol and Chinese workers would take things manufactured in "Idaho" and ship them back to China with NO import / export interference.
They are staking claims around Idaho, GIVING them our minerals, including one of the nation's best supplies of rare earths. They will be allowed to mine these, take them to Little China to process and ship home, then sell back to us, if they want. Right now, they are not exporting rare earth minerals.
I would not be permitted in the China zone. If I went in, I would be arrested and tried in Chinese courts.
Do you have any problem with any of this? Most Idahoans do not. Canada is about to take a HUGE deposit of molybdenum, copper and silver from a county that filed bankruptcy. (CUMO mine in Boise County if you want to fact check me.) The idiot locals are grateful for the handful of peanuts-paying jobs. I tried to get them to go stake claims, but I run into people like you who refuse to look into the details or down the road. Everyone thinks "It's Canada, they are our buddies..." Canadian timber treaties DESTROYED logging, a once vital industry in Idaho. This is one of the few states that still has productive mining, and we are handing that over to foreign nations.

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