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Comment: I can't BELIEVE you baited me into responding...

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I can't BELIEVE you baited me into responding...

ARE Whales and Dolphins are descendents of quadrupeds over millions of years???

Sure they are! Let's watch HOW we know they are:

Let's see...Government-funded academia found some bones in the dirt, from something that died(that's all they know, it died!); but they have NO EVIDENCE that those bones had ANY kids, especially ones that had lost genetic information(or "suffered"/endured a beneficial mutation) over millions of years(which is...wait for it...the opposite of evolution)

Then a PROFITABLE textbook company came along, and hired an artist, with those profits they made from all their government(tax-based) customers(because parents don't sit on textbook committees, care what is going on, nor do they run for school board)...and that hired someone drew pretty pictures for STUDENTS to look at, to go along with their fairy tale - that still pushes the LIE "God didn't CREATE", and make Jesus into a liar, since he quotes the book of Genesis 25 times!

Evolution theory RELIGION...period! It's used in a communist takeover, to REMOVE the authority of a Creator over government, and the governed! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

As far as teaching origins PUBLIC schools...I say teach both, or tech NEITHER...