Comment: There are lies wrapped up in each of those lessons

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There are lies wrapped up in each of those lessons

My son just did a worksheet where he had to figure out what time some pictures of clocks were displaying. He has trouble transitioning so going through and doing all the hours, then going through and doing all the minutes is how I had him do it. If he's in a class where the teachers insist he do it like everyone else, therein lies the lie, that his need to do things differently is a much huger obstacle to his success than it really is.

Lies can be taught through true material.

And I'm not saying all teachers would not permit him to do it how he needs to. But, after excusing my laziness in example-picking, I'd direct you to my main point -- that schooling convinces too many people they are incompetent and can't make it and need a government for their safety net.

When I talk about the masses, I don't call them stupid. I say some have been convinced they are stupid and others conditioned not to think. The vast majority of people are capable of great competence, they've just been intensively taught one path that involves not using it.

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