Comment: It may not all be a lie

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It may not all be a lie

But it is done as poorly as possible. I now 1st graders getting 100's in reading that do not know how to read in one school. I know a lot of 5th and 6th graders who can barley read or do basic math, and some that can not do any reading or math.
My mom is a 6th grade teacher at the local christian school and every year she has to re teach kids reading and math because they were never taught phonics, or never memorized their multiplication tables.
Personally I feel that private schools are far better than public schools but they are flawed in that most of them have taken the model that the public school has given and tried to do their best with it instead of saying our goal is ... and we feel we can do that best by ... I guess what I am saying is that if the private schools had specific goals (other than all the kids pass or get good grades) and realistic goals (most kids are going to grow up and get married, get jobs, have saving, invest, have homes, kids, be productive members of society, you know educate for that) and then made their curriculum based on those goals it would immediately change how things are taught.
For example take biology, when I was in school I learned about cells, and parts of cells, and animal cells, and plant cells, and to this day I know nothing about cells even though I got an A in the class. This isnt to say biology is a bad class but that they are starting on the wrong end of the thing. Cells were not discovered and studied until the 19th century, but biology is the oldest science we have, but we used to call it agriculture. Agriculture teaches biology with the plants and how they grow, physics in how you irrigate, chemistry in the fertilizer, biology again when you discuss how the body uses the food and its relevant. Relevance in school is at an all time low, I would love for a school to sit down and figure out how to be relevant to young people, and their lives.