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And I honestly have a hard time believing you...

are taking any time to understand the concepts at hand.

If you are genuinely interested in learning, I can go into the details of the argument. But that would require you take a moment to form good questions, or make arguments to refute what I have said.

I do not base my arguments on the "weight" of my "expertise" in the area, but on logic. I only even mentioned it because you made a claim about me, personally, that was ridiculous and untrue.

Oh, and if you have ever been to NYC, you are likely to have been screened by my software while passing through a number of the large office buildings. Or a number of hospitals nationally.

If you are wearing Levi's or a number of other products, or have had anything sourced from the US, it is likely that your goods passed through some of my software.

If you have ever dealt with a credit union, or mid size bank, it is likely your account was managed by some of my software.

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