Comment: Not only is this ignorant

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Not only is this ignorant

It is devisive.

The good news about your post is that those of us who did what Ron Paul and his campaign asked, joined the GOP, became delegates, which means get a committee seat, which means sign a loyalty oath IN MY STATE, now have positions in the GOP, where we are up against the Neocons.

It's VERY OBVIOUS on the committees who is a Neocon and who joined because of Ron Paul, beit the tea partiers, who like everything Ron Paul is saying with exception to his foreign policy, and rEVOLutionairies like me.

Those who REFUSED to do what Ron Paul asked all of us to do, who HATE the GOP, have nothing but MSM excuses to NOT join the GOP, who have never been to a committee meeting, can't tell the difference between a Neocon and a Tea Partier.. they want us to FAIL, and they HATE it that we are winning DESPITE their efforts to undermine us.

You are doing more for the Neocons than you are for Liberty.

Now... Rand Paul.. Rand Paul says we need to use diplomacy FIRST, and then ALL options are on the table. People like you say.. well that means he's for pre-emptive war. This is erronious because by using DIPLOMACY FIRST, the pre-emptive Bush dictorine is eliminated stratigically. Pre-emptive warfare eliminates dimplomacy.

Karl Rove LOVES you PAF. You are doing more for him than the rEVOLution with your posts of hate for those who did what Ron Paul asked.. something you didn't do, and have nothing but excuses like any neocon, why you won't, don't, and can't.

Now you openly admit, you hope we fail.

Thank you for showing your true colors.