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Comment: Too many here do not understand PRINCIPLES

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Too many here do not understand PRINCIPLES

PRINCIPLES are MORALS and ETHICS, and then we have a beast called POLITICAL PRINCIPLES

Note political principles are OF DEMOCRACY, as defined in the Constitution.. which has been DEMOCRACTICALLY DESTROYED.

Many here did not join the GOP because it was not their ethical principle to join what is corrupt (as if the LP or CP/AIP were not also corrupt, or being an Independent voter, have NO representation is not to the benefit of TPTB?)

It is a shame that people use PRINCIPLES as an EXCUSE to do nothing at best, and fight those who are doing what Ron Paul asked us to do at most.

If you saw the video I shared on Nader's speach.. you would have seen him say.. "UNLESS WE TAKE ONE OF THE PARTIES OVER".

This is a POLITICAL PRINCIPLE, and the one I have chosen.