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Seriously- Spot on Sierra

They have no understanding how much the equipment costs, they have no understanding of the cost of newts alone, even soil some think that is cheap (and let me tell you people if it is cheap you're making it yourself and it's back breaking).

It was amazing when I worked at the dispensary, it was like venereal disease back in the 60's and 70's. When it exploded here in CO, you couldn't walk into someone's grow and not walk out with a spider mite, or aphid, or mold spore. Another thing "these people" (fellow liberty lovers) don't understand is the genetics of the plant. There are so many unstable genetics on the market right now. Everyone is trying to make a quick buck and either a) they don't know what the eff they're doing and suffer due to their lack of knowledge (ie it's a weed, it grows anywhere, it's abdundant, it's easy... and there is smidge of truth there- just a touch people), or b) they lack business ethics and sell hermaphroditic seeds or flowers or clones, or try to make a quick buck and cut costs(which is good to a point) by trimming their buds by machine and kiefing the flowers (basically the machines knock the resin glands off and the bud becomes less potent while they sell the kief on the side or make hash or food).

Other growers prefer to do things differently, probably like your brother- who most likely has his room dialed in, keeps the op small and manageable, and clean! That's just my bias though. Having worked in a dispensary, and having been in many rooms, I think the plants appreciate the individual attention and grow healthier and the product turns out DANK!

Wish I could meet Mr. Green Jeans sometime ;) Perhaps I'll meet him at the cannabis cup in Denver :) this year or next.

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